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Dr. Alexandra Molinares


Dr. Molinares was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. She is a Board-Certified Family Physician and Independent Consultant from Arbonne International at Alera Med Spa. She also specializes in laser hair removal, leg vein treatments, skin rejuvenation, rosacea, acne, Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, dermal fillers, Kybella injections for double chin treatment, and weight loss programs, including liposuction by laser and cavitation.

Dr. Molinares offers the latest skin care anti-aging products and techniques, including laser genesis and fractional laser treatments for post-surgical scars, acne scars, and stretch marks. Dr. Molinares has the expertise as a skin doctor to provide you with skin care consultation.

On her free time, Dr. Molinares enjoys to spend time with her family, traveling, dance, doing crafts and gourmet cooking.

Monday - Thursday  3:30 - 6 PM

Fridays 9  - 6 PM

Saturdays 10 - 5 PM

Late evenings upon request


Debanie Golden


Debanie Golden. She is a great and experienced Medical Esthetician for the past 12 years working in different spa settings. She is a mother of 5 kids, and 3 grandkids. She is experienced in multiple anti-aging procedures such as Microchanneling, microdermabrasion, as well as hydroluxx facials, hydrodermabrasion, oxygen infusion therapy, all types of facials, and skin care treatments for acne, rosacea and many more. She specializes in Microchanneling which promotes collagen production! She is excited to offer our clients her expertise and great skin care skills. Congratulations Debanie. Excited to work together!

Mondays-Saturdays 10 - 5 PM
Some late evenings by appointment only


Theresa Gable


Theresa Gable is Certified Esthetician.

Theresa was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She graduated from Summit Salon Academy in Tampa, FL, with eleven months of experience, and have board certifications in Microdermabrasion, chemical Peels, Body Waxing, High Frequency, Lymphatic Massage,and many more.

In her free time she enjoys traveling, painting, baking, and reading.

What drove her to skin care is the awarding feeling of helping others. She loves being able to help clients boost their confidence and feel their best.

Let’s welcome Theresa to our Alera Med Spa team and let’s start booking with her

Tuesdays-Thursdays 10 - 5 PM
Fridays 9  - 3 PM
Saturdays 10 - 3 PM

By appointment is best
Same day appointments available


Arika Onkala


Arika was born and raised in Michigan. She has live all over the world, but now proudly call Florida her home.

She is licensed Nail technician with 14 years of experience.

She is skilled in working with people who have thyroid disease, diabetes, or disorders that cause problems with nails and skin.

She genuinely cares about each client for their individual needs and is always sure to meet expectations.

Arika is known for her ability to make any client feel comfortable.

She has a positive attitude and is very attentive to detail.

She just joined the Alera Med Spa this month in June 2020.

Let's welcome Arika to our Alera Med Spa Team.


Available appointments

Fridays and Saturdays 9 am - 6 pm

Rest of week by appointment only


Ron Ragno

Massage Therapist

Ron began his career in New York in 1994, after being certified in Deep Tissue Therapy. He quickly developed into one of the top, most highly skilled and sought after therapists in the area. Since then, he has created and developed Advanced Deep Tissue Therapy into one of the most powerful and effective healing tools available. Ron has treated thousands of clients over the past 15 years. He has worked with business people, professional athletes, weekend warriors, and performers of all kinds to help them heal from injuries, de-stress, and feel their best. His greatest reward is seeing his clients heal, and feel better about themselves and their lives. Ron is also a certified instructor of Shing Yi Chi Kung, a Chinese system of exercise, meditation, and strength and energy building.

Mondays 9 -12 PM
Tuesdays 9 - 6 PM
Fridays 9 - 12 PM
Saturdays 2- 7 PM
Late evenings upon request


Edislen Marzo


Edislen Marzo, better known as “Lynn”. She is Licensed aesthetician, Keratin eyelash lift specialist, and brow artist with waxing and shaping! She has been licensed and have experience of 4 years, graduated from BHI, certified YUMILashes academy, having great experience in Hydroluxx facials, hydrodermabrasion, and all facial treatments. Currently attending Phibrows academy! She loves natural beauty to be enhanced.


Wednesdays-Fridays 10 - 6 PM

Saturdays 10 - 6 PM by appointment only


Natalya Leal


Natalya was born in Bogota, Colombia

She has been living in USA for 6 years. She has been an esthetician for over 3 years.

She got her first esthetician license in South Carolina after going to school for 750 hours at Kenneth Shuler Academy.

She also trained in Novalash lashes, and received her Microblading course from Emely Hendrick in St. Petersburg, FL.

Moved to Wesley Chapel, FL in March 2020.

Just joined Alera Med Spa this month. She loves how rewarding her career can be. She started in the field with mainly skin care but decided that she needed to expand her services which is why she decided on lashes and eyebrows.

Let's welcome Natalya to our Alera Med Spa Team.

Available by appointment, evening available, and Saturdays