Services- Miscellaneous

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Sunless Tanning


Sunless Tan -1 session   $55

4 session pack (includes 1 free)   $165


Our Sunless Tanning provides a great alternative to other harmful tanning treatments. We use SUN Laboratories products that are cruelty free, and paraben free with a blend of natural ingredients, to provide a more natural-looking, best tan possible, but also nourishes, revitalizes, hydrates and enhances the feel and elasticity of the skin. The SUN Laboratories products do not provide any UV protection. Use SPF sun protection as usual. This service is about 30 minutes or less, depending on how long it takes for the skin to be fully covered with the preferred color shade. The skin is prepped applying first an exfoliating scrub, to allow better penetration of the spray lotion and the moisturizer, and better distribution of the color without leaving any streaks.


​Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening  $99

(each session lasts for 45 minutes)

It is a procedure designed to lighten the color of my teeth using a hydrogen peroxide gel. The In-Office Whitening treatment involves using the gel to produce maximum whitening results in the shortest possible time. During the procedure the whitening gel will be applied to the teeth for at least three (3rd) treatments, consisting of two to three 15-minute sessions, with an optional fourth (4th) 15-minute session. During the entire treatment, a plastic retractor will be placed in the mouth to help keep it open and the soft tissues of the mouth (i.e. lips, gums, cheeks and tongue) will be covered to ensure they are not exposed to the gel.  A lip balm may also be applied as needed and will be providing a protective eyewear for the eyes. After the treatment is completed, the retractor and all gel and tissue coverings will be removed from the mouth. Before and after the treatment, the shade of the upper-front teeth will be assessed and recorded


​Skin Care Consultation


In office    $135

(fee applies towards the service provided on same day, if service is provided in another day, the fee will be charged)

Virtual     $60